The Clarke family are assessing their not-for-profit options in memory and in honour of Hannah, Aaliyah, Laianah & Trey to make small, but vital, steps to help others stand tall on their own two feet.

The family is taking the time to ensure whatever we implement is done in the most impactful way and will encourage much-needed conversations to drive meaningful change to address domestic violence.

We sincerely value and cherish your support and well wishes during this difficult time while we spend time as a family to grieve but also to celebrate the lives of Hannah, Aaliyah, Laianah & Trey. Over the coming weeks we will ensure we take the steps to do this right in their honour.

If you would like to be kept posted about our progress or contact the family please fill in the form below.

We are currently in the process of updating our website and cannot accept online donations at this time. Your support is most appreciated, please check back soon for information on how you can donate.

Kind regards
Suzanne, Lloyd and Nathaniel